Exhibition Picture 6 – The Underground

Exhibition Picture 6 - The Underground

We’re onto picture number 6 of our exhibition prints and today is ‘The Underground’.

This is one of my favourite pictures and also one of my first attempts at a HDR picture.

This is a cropped picture of the underground sign above Leicester Square Station in London that was then given a HDR makeover and even if I do say so myself, I think the results are wow!

Although you can’t see it here, this print looks amazing in a black frame so why don’t you pop onto my website (by clicking on the picture) and treat yourself to one!

All the profits from the sale of this print are being donated to Macmillan Cancer Support so please, please consider buying one 🙂


The Underground

The Underground

One of the pictures from my website http://www.imjphotoart.co.uk to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of The London Underground