Exhibition Picture 10 – Flooded Path

Exhibition Picture 10 - Flooded Path

I seem to have let my promise of a picture a day from our exhibition lapse a little bit but never fear, before the weekend finishes I thought I’d sneak one in!

So here we are with a HDR picture called Flooded Path. This is Peterborough river embankment when it flooded a few months ago. It was quite by chance that I took a walk down there with my camera but I’m glad I did as I captured some great shots.

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Peterborough Embankment

Peterborough Embankment

We’re in Peterborough for today’s blog post and a trip to the river Nene and Peterborough Embankment.

Although the sky sums up the weather at the moment i.e. grey and stormy, it does add some extra interest to the picture.

Let’s hope for some sunnier weather soon and some brighter pictures!

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The Eiffel Tower from The Seine

The Eiffel Tower from The Seine

We’re back to Paris for today’s post and a view of the Eiffel Tower taken from the Seine.

This was taken whilst we were on a river cruise along the Seine and if you are going to Paris and thinking of doing this it is highly recommended. You really do get to see Paris from a truly different perspective.

This has of course been given a HDR makeover – the main reason for this is that it was a bit of a dull day and giving it the makeover just brings out the character a bit more!

My website will be updated with this and lots more Paris pictures shortly but if you do want to see some more of my Paris pictures please click on the picture and you’ll be taken directly to my Paris gallery.

Au revoir.

Boats at Orton Mere

Boats at Orton Mere

This is another recent picture taken at Orton Mere in Peterborough.
I think the HDR treatment has really highlighted the reflections and I’m very pleased with the outcome.

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Flooded Path

Flooded Path

Today’s picture is another newbie, taken last week when I was down by the river in Peterborough. This is a different viewpoint from my previous post and shows just how flooded the path is – the boats in the picture are actually moored next to where the embankment should actually end!

I hope you like this HDR image. It has turned out just as I wanted it and I’m very pleased with the result.

For more of my work please visit http://www.imjphotoart.co.uk where we are currently raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Flooded Reflection

Flooded Reflection

This is a brand new picture, in fact I only took it a matter of hours ago!

This is the river embankment in Peterborough which is where I live. I thought I would take a walk down and get some pictures but didn’t realise how flooded the area was – which was great as it added a lot of dynamic to the pictures!

When I got them onto the PC I thought I would give this one a black and white treatment and I think this works very well.

I’ll share some more in the coming days and also get them onto my website at: