Barcelona Harbour

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Well, it seems like ages since my last blog post – and in fact it is!

But here I am back with a burst of colour and a picture taken on my recent holiday to Barcelona. I actually visited both Barcelona and Paris so there will be plenty of pictures coming up!

I’m not sure if this should be called harbour or marina as it is the lead up to the marina – if anyone wants to correct me then please go ahead.

As those of you who follow my blog will know I am a fan of HDR so when I had the chance to get back to Barcelona I thought I would do it properly. Properly you may ask?? Well yes, those of you in the know will already know that there is a one click cheats way of doing HDR pictures and also the correct way i.e. 3 pictures that are combined. So my memory cards were full and it took me two days to complete them all.

Don’t worry – I’m not going to put them all on here 🙂

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Look out for more coming soon.


Boats at Orton Mere – Revisited

Boats at Orton Mere - Revisited

Today’s post is another picture that I revisited recently.

A few weeks ago I took a trip to Orton Mere in Peterborough to do some photography but only had my small compact with me. I was pleased with the results but I didn’t feel I’d done the subject justice so I took another trip with my DSLR for some proper HDR shots.

This time both the sky and the reflections have really come alive and look amazingly vibrant so it was trip well spent.

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Pavillon Mollien at The Louvre

Pavillon Mollien at The Louvre

Today’s picture is another one of my range from Paris – Pavillon Mollien at The Louvre.

I just love the architecture and the reflections in the windows.

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Through the Bullrushes

Through the Bullrushes

This is another brand new picture taken yesterday at Orton Mere in Peterborough.

I was looking around the lakes there and happened to notice some bullrushes that were still intact and thought they would make a nice foreground for this picture.

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Lake Reflection

Lake Reflection

My picture today was taken this afternoon at a lovely place called Orton Mere in Peterborough.

Although it’s nice when everything is green and in bloom, I also find the colours and textures of the reeds at this time of year really interesting too.

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Flooded Path

Flooded Path

Today’s picture is another newbie, taken last week when I was down by the river in Peterborough. This is a different viewpoint from my previous post and shows just how flooded the path is – the boats in the picture are actually moored next to where the embankment should actually end!

I hope you like this HDR image. It has turned out just as I wanted it and I’m very pleased with the result.

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Flooded Reflection

Flooded Reflection

This is a brand new picture, in fact I only took it a matter of hours ago!

This is the river embankment in Peterborough which is where I live. I thought I would take a walk down and get some pictures but didn’t realise how flooded the area was – which was great as it added a lot of dynamic to the pictures!

When I got them onto the PC I thought I would give this one a black and white treatment and I think this works very well.

I’ll share some more in the coming days and also get them onto my website at: