View Across The Seine

Paris 47b

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Hello – I’m back! I’ve had a rest from blogging, mainly because I got fed up with the problem with my blog posts transferring to Facebook if I’m honest. But I thought it was about time for a return so as I have some fantastic pictures to share – here I am 🙂

I’n sure I don’t have to tell you where this picture was taken but just in case you don’t know it’s in Paris from last year’s holiday. It’s one of several pictures of a similar view but this is the one I chose to keep as everything is right – from the boat going under the bridge to the skyline and also the lack of lorries in view!

As you can see it is presented in HDR format which I feel enhances it and makes it a far more dramatic picture.

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Until next time – stay focussed!


Mermaid Quay and Cardiff Bay

Mermaid Quay and Cardiff Bay

Tonight – two for the price of one! A second blog post to make up for the lack of posts in recent months.

This is another Cardiff picture taken across Cardiff Bay onto Mermaid Quay.

Again the HDR effect has really enhanced the scene.

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Exhibition Picture 3

Exhibition Picture 3

Here we are with the second post of the day and the 3rd in the run of my exhibition pictures.

This is a HDR picture of the entrance to the Bishop’s Palace in Peterborough. Unfortunately it wasn’t a particularly sunny day when I did this picture but as we pretty devoid of sunny days at the moment I thought it best not to wait for one as it could be a long wait!

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Castle Ruins, Aberystwyth

Castle Ruins, Aberystwyth

A second post today which is a HDR image of the Castle Ruins in Aberystwyth, Wales.

This is one of the very first pictures that I took when I really started to develop my passion for photography. As I was (and probably still am) a novice I didn’t know much about camera settings, exposure and other important considerations so I have to say I’m very grateful for Photoshop and giving me the opportunity of bringing this picture to life.

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Jardin des Tuileries – Paris

Jardin des Tuileries - Paris

My photo today is an image I took on a recent trip to Paris.
It is the Jardin des Tuileries at the front of the Louvre. The gardens are beautiful and I decided I would give it an HDR treatment and was amazed at how it came out – especially the sky showing clearly the vapour trails from the planes.

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A second picture today which was taken at Blakeney in Norfolk.

I’ve done it in HDR as I happen to like the effect and it does warm the picture up and make it seem a lot less bitter than it actually was on this day!

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Through the Bullrushes

Through the Bullrushes

This is another brand new picture taken yesterday at Orton Mere in Peterborough.

I was looking around the lakes there and happened to notice some bullrushes that were still intact and thought they would make a nice foreground for this picture.

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