Rouen Flower Shop

Rouen 9aa

Hello everyone – sorry I have been away again for a little while but I thought I had better return with some brand new posts.

We start off with a picture from a recent holiday to Rouen – famous for amongst other things John of Arc.

Today’s picture is a HDR shot of a flower stall on one of Rouen’s side streets. It just seemed to have the colours and layout that would lend itself to a HDR shot and I hope you agree I was not mistaken.


Exhibition Picture 12 – Sweet Pea

Exhibition Picture 12 - Sweet Pea

After a short break we’re back with picture number 12 from our Peterborough Exhibition.

I’d love to say this is somewhere exotic but in fact it is a picture taken in my garden. Sometimes simple is very effective!

If you’d like to see more of the pictures from our exhibition just click on the picture

Exhibition Picture 2

Exhibition Picture 2

Unfortunately, after saying I’d be posting a picture a day of my exhibition prints I then didn’t have time yesterday! To remedy this I’ll be doing 2 posts today to make up for it 🙂

So here is post number 1 – Holly.

This is a picture of the holly bush in my Mum’s garden. However rather than just take a picture of the complete bush I thought I’d get in close and try to be little more ‘arty’ – I hope you like the result.

If you can’t wait to see the rest just click on the picture and you’ll be taken to the exhibition page on my website where you can view the rest of the pictures that are on display.

Simple Beauty

Simple Beauty

I realised today I hadn’t blogged for a while so thought I’d better get myself sorted!

So today’s post is called Simple Beauty and was my entry in the ‘end of course photo competition’ of a training course that I attend.

I wanted to go for something simple, black and white and with a lighting effect and I must say I do rather like the end result.

I was third! Oh well some you win……



Well not much to say about this picture except it’s a HDR image of a dandelion!

Hope you enjoy it – take a look at my website for more images


Through the Bullrushes

Through the Bullrushes

This is another brand new picture taken yesterday at Orton Mere in Peterborough.

I was looking around the lakes there and happened to notice some bullrushes that were still intact and thought they would make a nice foreground for this picture.

You can view more of my work at