Rouen Flower Shop

Rouen 9aa

Hello everyone – sorry I have been away again for a little while but I thought I had better return with some brand new posts.

We start off with a picture from a recent holiday to Rouen – famous for amongst other things John of Arc.

Today’s picture is a HDR shot of a flower stall on one of Rouen’s side streets. It just seemed to have the colours and layout that would lend itself to a HDR shot and I hope you agree I was not mistaken.


View Across The Seine

Paris 47b

Click on the picture for a bigger view!

Hello – I’m back! I’ve had a rest from blogging, mainly because I got fed up with the problem with my blog posts transferring to Facebook if I’m honest. But I thought it was about time for a return so as I have some fantastic pictures to share – here I am 🙂

I’n sure I don’t have to tell you where this picture was taken but just in case you don’t know it’s in Paris from last year’s holiday. It’s one of several pictures of a similar view but this is the one I chose to keep as everything is right – from the boat going under the bridge to the skyline and also the lack of lorries in view!

As you can see it is presented in HDR format which I feel enhances it and makes it a far more dramatic picture.

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Until next time – stay focussed!

Barcelona Harbour

Barc 20c w


Well, it seems like ages since my last blog post – and in fact it is!

But here I am back with a burst of colour and a picture taken on my recent holiday to Barcelona. I actually visited both Barcelona and Paris so there will be plenty of pictures coming up!

I’m not sure if this should be called harbour or marina as it is the lead up to the marina – if anyone wants to correct me then please go ahead.

As those of you who follow my blog will know I am a fan of HDR so when I had the chance to get back to Barcelona I thought I would do it properly. Properly you may ask?? Well yes, those of you in the know will already know that there is a one click cheats way of doing HDR pictures and also the correct way i.e. 3 pictures that are combined. So my memory cards were full and it took me two days to complete them all.

Don’t worry – I’m not going to put them all on here 🙂

So if you like my post please show your appreciation and let me know.

Look out for more coming soon.

The Eiffel Tower from The Seine

The Eiffel Tower from The Seine

We’re back to Paris for today’s post and a view of the Eiffel Tower taken from the Seine.

This was taken whilst we were on a river cruise along the Seine and if you are going to Paris and thinking of doing this it is highly recommended. You really do get to see Paris from a truly different perspective.

This has of course been given a HDR makeover – the main reason for this is that it was a bit of a dull day and giving it the makeover just brings out the character a bit more!

My website will be updated with this and lots more Paris pictures shortly but if you do want to see some more of my Paris pictures please click on the picture and you’ll be taken directly to my Paris gallery.

Au revoir.

Orton Mere, Peterborough

Orton Mere, Peterborough

My blog post today is another recent picture that I took a couple of days ago.

This one is a place called Orton Mere in Peterborough and I thought even though there is some fast moving water I’d try for the HDR effect. Luckily the latest version of Photoshop is able to cope with this and I am really pleased with the result.

I know other blog posts give you all the camera settings etc. which is great but I haver to be honest I am to lazy to look back and then type up all the settings I used so if you want to know please feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to tell you all about it.

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Thanks all 🙂

Bay of Romance

Bay of Romance

Today’s post is a picture that I took in Cardiff Bay a couple of weekends ago.

As I was strolling around the Bay I noticed that there were some boats cruising and on one of them there appeared to be a couple having some wedding pictures taken on one of the boats.

This seemed like a very romantic scene so I thought I get a shot of it.

This picture was taken on 4th May 2013 so if you happen to be reading this and just happen to know who this might be then get them to take a look!

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Covent Garden

Covent Garden

Today’s post is an HDR pic of a scene in Covent Garden that I took last year.

I toyed with the HDR process with it before and wasn’t sure whether it worked. However, I gave it the same treatment again yesterday and I think it does now.

Maybe this will be another of those pictures that you either love or hate or maybe are just not sure about!

If you love it, hate it or are not sure about it please feel free to comment and let me know as I really can’t make my own mind up!

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