Image: Cathedral Square, Peterborough

Cathedral Square, Peterborough

This is another brand new picture that I took last week of Cathedral Square in Peterborough.

The picture shows The Guildhall on the square and just behind it, St John’s Church. The weather was just right to give some cloud cover to add a little character to the sky but sunny enough to give some good light.

I’ve given it a HDR treatment as I happen to like the effect – I know others don’t but I can’t help that :-).

I only post pictures when I am happy that I have achieved the correct contrast and the effect that suits my own personal taste just like every other one of my pictures that I have shared.

I’m sure there may be things that you would do differently but then that may be to your taste and not necessarily to mine.

I hope you enjoy this picture – for more of my work please visit


One thought on “Image: Cathedral Square, Peterborough

  1. I’m trying to find out what this building (the GuildHall) is actually used for – if used at all, and if there are any pictures of the inside. I can’t find any anywhere.
    I know the lower part used to be a market but what’s upstairs? It must be top secret.

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