The Second Chance

I thought we’d kick the day off with some more poetry, but even better than that I dug out the cover to the book of poetry that I self published! Yes self published as no right minded publisher would spend the money doing it lol. So here it is in all it’s glory the front cover to ‘The Changing of Time’ by yours truly. The cover was designed by a friend of mine, Andrew Hodson so full credit to him. I sadly lost touch with him many years ago but if by a million to one chance you are reading this – get in touch 🙂

So without further ado, the front cover and another poem by me.


The Second Chance

Minutes, seconds pass us by

Never stopping to ask why

The world keeps turning, life goes on

Never asking where your dreams have gone.

Never stopping for that second chance

To carry on throughout life’s dance.

You haven’t time to stop and care

About friends who one day won’t be there,

About hopes you dared to dream about

While trying to hide your own self doubt.

You’re on your own, I’m sad to say

Right up until your dying day.

Arms around you won’t bring a light

And words to say it’ll be all right

Are all you need to see you through

But are never there, it’s only you.

So fight the battle, dance the dance

Don’t think that there’s a second chance.


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