To HDR or Not HDR, that is the question


This subject seems to cause so many divides amongst the photography community. I’m not sure why after all, as I’ve said before if it’s your photo and you like it then that’s what counts.

I must say I am an HDR fan – mainly because it’s rescued quite a few rubbish pictures of mine.

Wow listen to that sharp intake of breath and gasps of horror – a photographer admitting that not every picture they take is perfect?? Stone him!

Just take a look at the picture at the top of this post – at first I thought ‘not one of my best, bad exposure for starters.’ But then I discovered HDR and just take a look at the difference!

OK you may not like it, but I do – I think it has turned the image into something stunning and dramatic.

Now you have every right to disagree, and yes a non HDR image is a thing of beauty too but please I would urge you, don’t dismiss the process. It’s all about different styles and different tastes.

Or as Tesco supermarket in the UK would say….’horses for courses’ (it’s a topical news joke – I’ll probably have forgotten what I meant in a few months!)

So there we go, my thoughts on HDR – it works for some images but not for others – I know, I’ve tried. Some images are beyond rescuing but don’t get hung up on it – press delete and move on…..

Until next time…..


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