It’s Snow Joke!

It’s snow joke….yes feel free to groan it’s a bad pun.

As the TV and weathermen would have you believe that the whole of the UK is covered in snow I thought to myself ‘you know what, I really ought to get myself out with the camera and get some nice wintry, picturesque scenes.

So off I went into Peterborough city centre, the cathedral looked lovely, the river embankment had a nice ‘Narnia’ feel to it but then of course that wasn’t good enough.

I know what would be great, I thought, some fantastic pictures of the London landmarks swathed in blankets of velvety snow. As it’s just over an hour on the train, off I trotted to the train station, bought my ticket and off I went.

I could see in my mind’s eye the exact pictures I wanted. St. James Park glistening with ice crystals, Trafalgar Square transformed into a winter wonderland, Buckingham Palace with a bright, white coating…

For once in my life I wasn’t just winging it, I actually knew exactly which pictures I’d be taking.

I arrived at King’s Cross Station and headed straight down to the underground, onto the Piccadilly Line and my first stop already planned – Leicester Square in 6 minutes.

All excited, I disembarked the tube train at my station and made my way up the stairs, my camera at the ready in anticipation of the beautiful landscape that awaited me……

Imagine my surprise when I emerged from the station and not a damn snowflake in sight. Not one!

The actual term I used cannot be repeated here so I will choose to say I was gutted.

It’s was freezing but no snow, no Narniaesque lamp-posts and certainly no fauns (although there were some weird creatures but that’s just London for you).

So all this leads me to the moral of this story, don’t believe everything you read on Twitter and hear on the news….and definitely do your homework before you set yourself up to look a right berk!

Until next time, happy clicking.


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