I Love London

Yes it’s true, I know no-one has said it before but I love London. That’s the one in England by the way.

I first went to London when I was 16 – blimey that’s 26 years ago, how sobering. Yes I know I was a late starter but I can clearly remember how exciting it was being on ‘the tube’, walking down Oxford St and seeing ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ when it was still new (birthday present from my sister – ta very much).

Naturally that first trip well and truly hooked me, not only on London but also on musical theatre but that’s for another day.

Of course on your first few visits you’re wandering around all wide eyed and ‘wow it’s Trafalgar Square’ and ‘wow it’s Buckingham Palace’ and ‘wow it’s a red bus’ (I was young!) but when you go more and more often, although the ‘wow’ factor doesn’t leave you (or maybe that’s just me) you see everything now not with a ‘wow’ but with a real sense of pride.

Yes you heard me right – pride. I’m proud of our history, proud of our landmarks and proud of just how damn interesting it all is. 26 years later and I’ve still only scratched the surface of all the ‘interestingness’.

But now I have a new perspective on the city through my photography. It’s almost like seeing it all again for the first time when you are looking around and not only admiring but really noticing details, things you’d previously missed. More and more ‘interestingness’ just screaming out LOOK AT ME.

It’s great to wander round, taking it all in and just wallowing in the gloriousness of it all – unless I’m in a rush to get somewhere and then I’m sure there must be plenty of poor tourists who have looked back at their holiday photos and seen me scowling ‘it’s just a phone box, get out of the damn way’ in the background! Oh well we all have off days.

Until the next time, goodbye.


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