Aside: Honesty

Well hello, as so many good things start – well ok I pinched it from Miranda but hey, at least I’m honest which ties in nicely with today’s post!

Honesty – it’s not difficult to be honest and open and yet some people and businesses do find it almost impossible. I’m sure this is something that you, my fellow artisans and non-artisans alike have found out, just like I have, when dealing with local and indeed national companies.

As a self employed ‘crafter’ (sounds less posh than artisan) it’s difficult enough to find ways of promoting your work. The realms of Twitter and Facebook offer the chance to acquire plenty of followers and ‘Likes’ but the chances are these are just other businesses wanting you to help boost their number of followers and ‘Likers’ and are not really much help in selling your goods. But at least it’s honest.

However then you find outlets who really should take a look at the Trades Description Act. I’m sure you know the ones my fellow crafters, the outlets touting ‘Supporter of Local Artisans’. Sounds great doesn’t it – at last someone on our side. But let us not be fooled. What they really mean is ‘Supporter of Local Artisans (as long as we either know you, already have a flourishing business of your own or have already had national/international exhibitions – if not get stuffed).

So anyway that is my first musing – honesty. Don’t be fooled by ‘Supporters of….’ brags, they’re a business just like any other shop and not here to help you.

But a word of wisdom from a renowned photographer I follow on Twitter ‘If you like the picture, then it’s a great picture’

Until next time.


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